Monday, July 11, 2011

Susan Feinberg Wine

Paul Ryan likes good wine!

Sure enough, Susan Feinberg has decided to capitalize on her new fame by launching her own whine, er wine.  

Also, per her website Susan ran a marathon over nine years ago and raised over $4000 for AIDS!  Hey, Susan, AIDS does not need anymore money.  Stop supporting AIDS.  Geeeesh.


  1. Feinberg Nosy Ass---Another fine expensive Jewish Princess Whine.....

    Almost as good as another great New Jersey Jewish Princess whine---labeled : "Why Can't we go to Miami with my mother this year?"....always available AT A PRICE!

  2. An economics, associate prof, should do her homework and be certain to ask about the cost of his suit, his shoes, his wife's clothing, etc...

    Gotta be sure it all fits within her appropriate spending criteria.

    Best part of the interview was certainly when she claimed she'd have confronted Pelosi under similar circumstances.
    This is unfortunate; the woman must genuinely believe we are all complete and thorough idiots. There is ZERO chance she confronts Pelosi. Flat-out zero.