Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Photographed Together

Someone captured an intimate picture between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin as they clinked glasses in a limousine together.  I wonder what they were talking about?

Michelle Obama Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Cover

Michelle Obama was recently featured with some healthy food on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.  You know, because she is always tending the White House garden and it's always producing mutant fruit and vegetables, you know the kind that is looked like it is shipped in the night before the harvest.

Oops, my bad.  This is Michelle Obama on the cover of Better Homes and PARDONS.  And she's not with fresh fruit and vegetables, she's sitting with hamburgers, french fries, ice cream and onion rings!  Hmmmm, does Michelle Obama like burgers and french fries more than fresh fruits and vegetables?

I guess so.

But don't do as she do, do as she SAY.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Duh Headline Of The Day

Eat Your Peas, Guys

"We might as well do it now.  Pull off the band aid. Eat our peas." - Barack Obama

Who should start?

Sam and the Credit Card

Susan Feinberg Wine

Paul Ryan likes good wine!

Sure enough, Susan Feinberg has decided to capitalize on her new fame by launching her own whine, er wine.  

Also, per her website Susan ran a marathon over nine years ago and raised over $4000 for AIDS!  Hey, Susan, AIDS does not need anymore money.  Stop supporting AIDS.  Geeeesh.